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Watch Hill
Old Postcards of Coldbackie
This card was posted in 1946, but dates from the late 30's or very early 40's,  as I was always told that the woods were cut down during the war. I remember the stumps in the early 60's, just as the ground was re-planted. That has now also been felled.

The house in the forground is now  roofless having been repalced in the 60's by a modern house on the road, and no 71 in the lower right of the picture, would have still been inhabited by Kirsty Mackay.
The original postcard was a bit damaged, hence the ragged marks around the Watch Hill. This one dates from the 30's, and its interesting to note the evidence of a much more intensive grazing regime, with a quite "bare" look to much of the common grazing.

You can also see a hip roofed thatched house - with smoke blowing east - in the centre of the picture, just behind what is now Nurse Gunn's house.
This shot of the townships east end dates from the 50's, and you can just see the phone box in front of the post office.
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This is the same shot, but from a hand coloured photo. It was posted in the early 60's.
Ben Loyal from Brae Tongue